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                             Attention DHS Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

New Scholarships are added to the website everyday.  Please make sure to check the website so you don't miss any scholarship opportunitie

Acceptance Letters/ Scholarship Offer Letters

Please continue to bring all acceptance letters and scholarship offer letters to the Guidance Office so that Mrs. Erdman can make copies of them to hang on the acceptance wall


2018-2019 Guidance Brag Board


Congratulation to Lacey Nickell and Juliette Ashcraft for being selected student of the month at Campbell County Area Technical Center


Congratulations to Tamara Rogers who was the recipient of the Roger Grien Spirit of Philanthropy award.  This award is given to students who have done extraordinary work with Magnified Giving and have truly grown through the experience.


Congratulation to Luke Roth and Shawn Draper who competed in the District Masonry Skills Competition.  Shawn finished 2nd in the competition while Luke, just a junior, finished in 1st place earning himself the opportunity to compete in the National competition at the end of June

Congratulations to Libby Lukens who was accepted into the Commonwealth Honors Academy!  Libby will spend 3 weeks at Murray State University this summer.   The Academy brings together 120 rising high school seniors for three weeks in an interdisciplinary living-learning environment. Upon completion of the academy, students will: Receive 6 hours of university studies credit; have the opportunity to take an additional six hours of tuition-free university courses at MSU during their senior year; be awarded a four-year $2,000 renewable housing/leadership scholarship to attend MSU.



Congratulations to the following students for earning all A's and receiving Cincinnati Reds Straight A tickets:


7th Grade

Joseph Klosterman                          11th Grade
Blake McCarthy                               Patrick Gonzalez
Xavier Michaels                               Alexis Gardner
Carson Reynolds                            Chyanne Gross

8th Grade                                       Libby Lukens

Nelleh Buschle                                Angel Mason
Cory Marksberry                              Laela Mathewson
Jadyn Johnson                                Sheyanne Panetta
Delilah Neuspickle                           Allie Spencer

9th Grade                                       Laurelin Stitzel

Diego Gonzalez
Vinny Gonzalez                             12 Grade
Rachel Holaday                            Traelyn Asher
Alex Osorio                                   Jessica Bell
Angel Patterson                            Polly Carr
Haley Peelman                             Seth Chinn                                                                         
Brian Raleigh                                Megan Downard
Amyti Stephens                            Catherine Drake
Liberty Windeler                            Ally Farris

10th Grade                                  Jonathon Fischer
Caulyn Asher                                Lauren Hauger  
Kimberlie Ballard                          Jade Johnson
Abbigail Caldwell                          Cara Klette
Trenton Downard                          Mikayla Lovins
Madison Gifford                            Hanna McVey
Sophia Halfhill                              Mallory Michaels
Chyanna Hollers                          Gabe Roberts
Brianna Holt                                 Emma Rogg
                                                     Bella Sanchez                                                                                                                                                            

                                                     Angelika Watson







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