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Senate Bill 128, Repeat of School Year


Kentucky Senate Bill 128 was approved by both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Andy Beshear. SB 128 allows for this year’s kindergarten through twelfth grade students to take a “retake” year during the 2021-2022 school year. Simply put, this would be comparable to “holding your child back” or “retaining” them a year in school.

Our Board of Education is discussing our plan for SB 128 but before plans can be finalized, we need to gauge how much interest our families have in this option so that we can begin to plan accordingly. We are not asking for a final decision at this time but rather a preliminary interest around the possibility of repeating a school year.


This shall be a one-time option to repeat the student’s current grade level in 2021-2022 only due to academic loss during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Students shall remain in their current grade level as the intention of the bill is to recover academic loss during the Covid 19 pandemic (i.e., a current 4th grader would remain a 4th grader...

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