Let's Grow Five Star Kids!

Let’s Grow Five Star Kids!


Kentucky has devised a new measure to rate our schools.  This new system rates schools using a five-star scale.  We are excited about the continued progress and success we are seeing throughout Dayton Independent Schools.  We want to thank our hard-working students, our mission driven staff, and the community of Dayton for all they do to Grow our kids.


The results for the district are that our high school and elementary school were rated as three-star schools and our middle school earned two stars.  Once again, we find ourselves to be near the top among our river city school districts in Northern Kentucky.  Highlights for our schools include our academic growth at Lincoln Elementary (rated high) and Transition Readiness at Dayton High School (rated very high).  We will continue to identify what is working and build on our strengths and look for ways to improve areas that need improvement.


I caution everyone to take a moment and pause on the importance of these ratings.  I do believe that it is very challenging to rate schools knowing that every district has different missions based on their needs, strengths, talents, opportunities, and unique challenges specific to each school. Rating schools can be very much like rating children in a family.  It is nearly impossible to rate a child as being five-star and another two-star because we know that all children are unique and special.  We know that many things in life simply cannot be measured or rated in a system.  Ideas such as my kid is better than your kid, my family is better than your family, our school is better than your school leave us all lacking an appreciation and respect for our differences that make us who we are.


I am proud of the work our staff and community continue to do that falls outside the scope of the star rating system.  So many wonderful programs and services are being offered by our schools such as outstanding Family Resource Centers, Health and Dental Clinics,  Five Star rated Head Start and Preschool programs,  All-Day kindergarten for all students,  Preschool Book-A-Week program, our commitment to Drug Free Clubs of America (50% high and middle school students participating),  Dual College Credit program with Gateway, the Logistics and Area Technical School programs,  Food Service program focused on nutritious meals made from scratch.  All of these programs are essential parts of meeting the needs of our students, yet they earn nothing in the new school rating system. 


In closing, I want to remind everyone that our mission is to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our students.  Our mission is to Grow each and every student as much as we can.  Our mission is to find and Grow their unique talents and strengths.  Our mission is to Grow five-star kids!


Respectfully submitted:


Jay Brewer

Proudly serving as Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools



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